Enabling diversity of opinions in organizations



Company Wall

An exclusive forum for you and your verified coworkers to voice their real opinion. The forum is Anonymous to enable each opinion to be looked at in insolation without connecting it to the individual. Discuss Increments, Company Strategy, Layoffs, Promotions. Give "Bravos" to your peers. Upvote what questions your CEO should answer every week.

Global Wall

A common forum for verified employees of all companies. Find out about culture and salary at other places, Get career advice from others. Considering a job offer from a company? Anonymously ask the employees of that company any questions that come to your mind. Post job offers.

Real People

Verified employees from companies. You are allocated a random anonymous handle when you install the app. No one can find out your real identity. Not even the Hush team! Hush is the Real voice of employees. Strong community based moderation to remove posts the community is not ok with.